Our company

A culture of innovation

Our company´s founder has been an specialist in the development of prototypes for more than 40 years. Most of the parts he developed were used in industrial applications and made out of aluminum, steel and high resistance plastics.

Our company was born out of the needs of people

Over 20 years ago, on a summer day at the beach, the wind made a beach umbrella fly away from its base.

The result was a child being rushed to medical care after the umbrella hit him in the face. This incident was the spark that ignited the development of our company and the first beach umbrella anchor from Pincho.

From that moment on, we pay close attention to people´s needs and develop our products based on simplicity and practicability.

How have we grown?

Our main market are large department stores, therefore we have developed our structure based on service, quality and speed to be able to attend a high volume of orders.

Where are we?

Nowadays you can find us on all mayor department stores, hardware stores, tiy stores and beach shops.

What´s our policy?

IF IT IS ALREADY IN THE MARKET, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. We strive on innovation and dedicate a large amount of resources to research and development of new, innovative products.

Why would you want to work with us?

Clients always look for new and unique products that make their life easier and more comfortable both at home or at the beach.

The quality of our products and our exceptional service have helped us become the leaders in outdoor comfort solutions.

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